Discover All the Reasons Boardman, OH, Is the Place to Call Home

If you are looking for a new place to call home, then consider real estate in Boardman, OH. This suburb of Youngstown has a lot to offer your family. Situated is Mahoning Valley, this town retains its charm while also opening up to development that has made it a retail hub in the area. Find out more about this town and why it will make an ideal home for sale in Boardman, OH, your family.

Basic Facts

Before we get into more about what makes Boardman so wonderful, let's take a look at some basic background on this town. The population is around 36,000, which makes it a nice size where it isn't too crowded yet it is big enough to allow great businesses to move into the area, and since it is located close to Youngstown, the opportunities are even better.

In fact, Boardman was founded because it was a part of Youngstown that grew quickly. Here are some quick points on the town's economic history:

• Roots in agricultural with apple orchards and grain fields being popular
• Introduction of the railroad allowed it to thrive even more as an urban center
• First Arby's was here
• Home to the thriving Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, which in its prime was a leader in the steel industry
• Home to the Youngstown State University, which is an educational leader today

Boardman Today

Boardman is experiencing an economic boom. It is home to many retail outlets, including the Southern Park Mall, which is a huge attraction in the area. It also is known for offering top-notch health facilities and an array of restaurants. There is pretty much anything you could right here in town.

People who live here love the balance between country and city life that Boardman offers. The cost of living is low and there is a short commute to nice paying jobs with Cleveland and Pittsburgh nearby and the Pittsburgh International Airport only 45 minutes away.

This is also very family friendly town with an amazing school system that has been recognized for its excellence. Homes for sale in Boardman, OH, are also reasonable priced. Not to mention, the Mills Creek Metro Park provides plenty of green space for outdoor activities.

Find Your Home Today

If you are looking to buy a home, then Boardman is a great place to look. It has much to offer you and your family. It makes a wonderful place to call home. Once you see all the people selling a house in Boardman, OH, you will need a real estate agent familiar with this community to help you find your perfect home. Please contact me today at 330-565-5675 or here.
Kathy Carroll
Kathy Carroll
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