Move to Youngstown, OH, a College Town with a Rich History

Be a part of the revitalization of a great city with a move to Youngstown, OH. You will find plenty of great real estate in Youngstown, OH, that will make a great home for you and your family. Discover what this city has to offer as you find out more about its history and what it is like today.

Youngstown Background

Youngstown is the county seat in Mahoning County. It is located on the Mahoning River and is close to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and Cleveland, OH. It is also the midpoint between Chicago and New York City.

Youngstown was founded in 1797 by John Young. It got its start due a discovery of iron ore and coal in the area. The iron industry became a major economic source. Eventually, steel mills were built in the area and steel reigned as the major industry, helping the city through economic ups and downs until it began to decline. The end of the era of steel brought the city hard times, but in recent years, Youngstown has begun a revitalization process that has helped attract new business and new people.

Youngstown Today

Before we look more at what you can expect when you move here, let's go over a few facts that you'll want to keep in mind:

• Population is around 66,000
• Homes for sale in Youngstown, OH, have a median price of $44,600
• Median income is around $24,100
• Ranked by Forbes as the fourth best city in which to raise a family in 2012

The downtown area has been going through a remodel with abandoned buildings being torn down and new enterprises rising in their place. Thanks to work between the city and the Youngstown State University efforts have helped to revitalize many areas that were once considered eyesores. The city as a whole has had new life breathed into it.

In the city, you will find a range of attractions, including the Covelli Centre, which is an events venue, the Power Auditorium and the Youngstown Playhouse. The area also has several museums, such as the Arms Family Museum of Local History and the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor.

Make sure when looking at houses for sale in Youngstown, OH, that you also take in the diversity within the community. Consider the many job opportunities now available, and patronize the many small businesses that are found all over the city.

Move to Youngstown Today

Once you get to know Youngstown, it is easy to see why citizens love to call it home. Growth and development are changing the face of the city and you could be a part of it. All you need is a real estate agent in Youngstown, OH, to help you find your new home. Please contact me today at 330-565-5675 or visit me here for a closer look at what the city has to offer.
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